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The High School Initiative

Our culture has adopted a relativistic world-view that dismisses the existence of absolute truth. As a result, many have come to believe we have a right to consider the procreative work of God in the womb as something we can treasure or trash, savor or destroy. The High School Initiative is designed to introduce “truth” into the narrative for young men and women of high school age, regarding sex, pregnancy, and abortion; with a view towards encouraging them to consider pursuing healthy relationships the way God intended.


♥ Sonogram: A sonographer will introduce the audience to a 6 to 8 week old baby via a “live” sonogram, accompanied with age-appropriate discussion of conception, gestation, and birth process.

♥ Healthy Relationship Discussion

♥ Q&A Session

For additional information or appointments, our Sonographer Kelly Wargo 410-391-6699

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