Sometimes in the business of doing good we can become myopic; inadvertently wear blinders that obscure opportunities to be “conduits of grace” – here are two examples: 

  • We are honored to receive donations in support of the ministry to women and their families. Someone donated a brand of nutritional supplement that our clients would not be able to use for their newborns and toddlers. The supplement is very expensive, costing as much as $33 a can; we didn’t feel we could simply discard it. Networking with our clients, supporters and friends of the ministry, a lady in Colorado became aware of the availability of the supplement and we were able to make arrangements to ship the supplement to her.
  • Elaine (not her real name) and her husband came into the center yesterday, she was 34 weeks pregnant. They recently relocated from Florida. While in Florida the couple was homeless and she fell victim to rape.  ​The assailant lured Elaine to a motel room by telling her that he had five bags of food that he would be able to give her; once inside, she was attacked and raped, she became pregnant as a result of the assault.

As a couple, Elaine and her husband decided it would be best to give the baby up for adoption; agreeing together that there are many people out there that want a child – why not take a bad situation and make it good! The baby shouldn’t be punished; it wasn’t the child’s choice for how it was conceived.

The couple already had been setup with American Adoption Agency (AAA), but needed      a sonogram as part of the process.   AAA referred Elaine to the Center For Pregnancy Concerns. We were able to provide dating and heartbeat for the adoption agency.  The couple left happy, placing the sonogram photos in a folder that will accompany several other items to be given to the adoptive family.

Being a conveyor of grace does not mean we neglect our primary call, abandon or in any way become derelict in providing quality services, care and compassion to abortion-minded women. It does mean, as God provides, that we remain sensitive to opportunities to be a blessing along the way. We are grateful for these recent opportunities to be a “conduit of grace.”

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