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Jane (not her real name) was fourteen (14) years of age, came in with a relative; she wanted to get a pregnancy test. Within minutes, she had the answer. No doubt, she had suspicions already – just needed confirmation.  At the time of her visit, she was what we call – an “abortion-vulnerable” mom. During the counseling session, Jane inquired about the abortion female-silhouetteprocedure and was given a detailed description, but stopped the counselor before she was able to complete the explanation, saying; “Too hard to hear, I can’t listen!”

The counselor wisely guided the discussion to other options, particularly adoption. Jane was very interested and indicated she might be willing to pursue the adoption option. As she was being counseled, our nurse manager prepared for a sonogram and invited the young lady to just take a look, see first-hand what the test strip doesn’t show; more than a sterile phrase –pregnant – but the beauty of life in the womb. After viewing the sonogram, mom was very excited about seeing her baby. The relative that accompanied Jane also became enthusiastic about helping with the pregnancy, delivery and even helping Jane to be a good mom, saying; “You can do this!”

As the counseling session went on, Jane revealed to the counselor that her boyfriend was 19 years of age.  Here’s where popular opinion raised its voice again in an attempt to influence next steps. Our counselor was able to stand firm on “right” and report the circumstances of this 14 year old’s pregnancy – involving the local police and child protective services. This is never an easy thing to do and many would choose the popular viewpoint instead of the right posture. As you can imagine, things went sideways a bit from there, but by God’s grace the impending investigation regarding Jane’s relationship with the adult male did not dampen their spirits. Jane left the center with a view towards carrying to term and raising her baby with the help of her family and friends.

Volunteer Highlight








She drives 60 miles round trip to work her shift at St. Rita every Monday morning with a smile on her face and a song of praise in her heart. When she arrives she immediately takes command of her many responsibilities.  Serve clients on the Helpline, greet and oversee clients as they fill the receptionist area and weekly adorn the beautiful wall of seasonal clothing that is displayed for the client’s choosing. She decorates the center with flowers and provides snacks for the children of the dear women that we serve. As if that isn’t enough…she is a woman of faith and prayer that seasons all of our lives with courage, hope in the Lord and perseverance. Her faith is contagious and we all blessed to serve Our Lord with Alice Ann Houck.  She is mine and you can’t have her!  We love you honey! 🙂

   Quilts for Kids

In Southern York County, PA an organization formed approximately eight years ago. A small group of women gathered to quilt. The founder was Cheri Reiman who bought fabric, stored away to start a hobby of quilting once she retired. It began as an opportunity to gather for fellowship, to develop the art of healing through quilting, and an expression of creativity, colorful lifestyle ideas, hobbies, or sentiments.

I interviewed the co-chairperson for the York chapter, Susan Markel. She is a retired Math teacher from the Southern York Middle School. Susan formed a Local chapter of Quilts for Kids, by recruiting other staff from the school, mothers, and friends of the school district to meet. They formed a group which evolved over the years and meet to quilt at the Paul Smith Library, in Shrewsbury,PA on A monthly basis.  Each seEyeSpyQuiltdetailssion, they bring supplies, fabric, and their machines to Make beautiful finished products often displayed within the library for special

Events, or Christmas and Holiday shopping. An example would be special quilted or embroidered pillowcases for wedding or shower gifts, memory quilts, or the colorful Children’s quilts. The York chapter started by donating many quilts at the holidays to York Hospital for the Pediatric and NICU units for infants and their  families to use while inpatients. The group and their efforts expanded to include craft shows in the Autumn, to Christmas bazaars in Loganville, and festivals in Adams and Lancaster counties.

Today the Quilts for Kids is a National Organization, and has it’s own website now at www.quiltsforkids.org. They do accept donations throughout the year from individuals and organizations. Ms. Susan Markel is in the process of writing for grants from companies to support the continued operation of the quilting group by providing needed supplies such as batting and fabric.

The Center for Pregnancy Concerns in Baltimore is honored to receive these handmade works of art, from an extremely talented group. They have supplied us with twenty so far, a variety of hobbies, colors, lifestyle sayings, characters, and Children’s quilts. All have been beautiful, to be used as covers or for wall hangings to add to the décor of your home or nursery. The sewing and quilting talents of this small chapter are very appreciated, as they will continue to donate an amount on a monthly basis as needed. The quilters are busy bees but enjoy sewing to maintain the art of Healing through special memory quilts, and other theme ideas to help the community and organizations such as CPC who reach out to many people. Some of the Quilts will be a part of a silent Auction and fall event planned for October 2016. Please come out and join us for this wonderful event before the Holiday Season begins.

Joan Mattes

Center Coordinator at St. Ann’s

P.S. Look for the quilts at the silent auction during benefit concert with the Maryland State Boychoir October 6, 2016.


News from NIFLA . . . State of Illinois Mandates Abortion Referrals

At the end of July the Governor of Illinois signed into law a bill that mandates physicians provide referrals for abortion, despite their moral objections.  This law will have a dramatic impact upon the work of prolife medical clinics in Illinois and upon NIFLA’s membership in that state. This legal provision clearly mandates that a prolife physician provide referrals for abortion to patients who request it.  For prolife Pregnancy Medical Clinics (PMCs) in Illinois, it is a mandate that their medical director who supervises their medical services must provide such a referral. Numerous law suits are being planned against this new law.  NIFLA will be working closely with attorneys who are filing these suits in order to properly advise our membership in Illinois of the impact of this law.

The Power of a Story!

Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate and challenge us. Stories are all aroundDr Seuss us. Our appetite for stories is a reflection of the basic human need to belong, to connect with each other — not merely as an intellectual exercise but as a personal and emotional   experience. Stories are the way to connect us to them and others to us.  Here is a story I know will touch you at every level; it reminds me of lyrics from a favorite song: “God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind. So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see his plan, when you can’t trace his hand; “Trust His Heart!”

Loss of Newborn Sparks Couple’s Long-Term Ministry to Moms



I walked to the front of the office this morning ~ where the Reception Area is. There was a young man fixing himself a cup of coffee. I said hello, as did he. I asked him if he was being taken care of.Aesop-BFFF-Quote

He answered immediately, saying “Oh yes, we sure are. We’re back here for the 2nd day. We didn’t have everything with us that we needed yesterday.” I answered that it was nice to see him and that we were happy that he was back. His wife was being counseled.

He then said, “You all are so nice. Everyone smiles and speaks. It’s really pleasant here.” I said, “Well, I’m glad you feel that way. That’s what we do here. We smile, talk, and try to make people comfortable.” He then said “What a difference between here and some of those other places (indicating a social services location nearby). They are mean and unfriendly there. I guess they’re just real busy.” I said, “Yeah, I guess so”.

You know, they probably are real busy there. Frankly, I don’t see that as much of an excuse to be mean and unfriendly. After all, if you’re in the business of accommodating clients, and you’re busy doing that, then you’re simply doing what you are called to do. Why not put a smile on your face, a lilt in your voice so that the person you are serving doesn’t feel badly about having bothered you.

I believe most, if not all of us, are called by God to do what we do here. I think He’d rather we treat His children with love and respect ~ no matter who they are or why they’re here.

Carol ClEphesians-2-7ews

Executive Director

Each year, it is estimated that nearly $5 billion is given to U.S. charities through workplace giving campaigns. These giving programs can provide benefits for both the nonprofit recipients and employee contributors. We, the Center For Pregnancy Concerns (CPC), are listed as potential recipients of workplace giving through each of these campaigns.

Be a team player and support Kingdom purposes at the same time . . .

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