We love sharing stories of babies saved! Every time a woman chooses to abandon any thought of abortion and fall in love with her baby, another person is given a chance to develop, grow, dream – come to know their Maker and make a difference in our world. The possibilities are endless! Baby saved stories are proof that God is working in our ministry and that your prayers, your partnership, support and witness save lives.

Sometimes our sonographer waits for the client to come in for their sonogram appointment; even after confirming, some ladies do not show. However on this day, as the sonographer patiently waited, a young woman showed for her appointment. She seemed somewhat melancholy, not sure herself why she kept the appointment, but she did. In her early 30’s, with a 6 month old and very tentative family support, at best, this young woman was considering abortion – she felt overwhelmed. A fair amount of the discussion centered on the lack of family support and she was very circumspect; didn’t want to disappoint them.

Our sonographer lovingly walked her through the sonogram, sharing some insights she already knew and some that were brand new to her. Viewing the baby on the screen and hearing encouraging words from our sonographer, this young woman’s countenance slowly improved as she allowed her maternal instinct to embrace the little one she was carrying. With determination to deliver her baby, this young woman left the center in good spirits committed to loving and protecting this precious little one.

NOTE: 78% of abortion-minded women who view an ultrasound, choose to carry their baby to term.

We still have much work to do locally and nationally. Just this week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoed a measure that would have outlawed abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected (as early as 6 weeks – the average time frame most women realize they are pregnant is between 4-6 weeks), while approving a law that prevents them after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

It’s obvious to the naked eye that hearts of stone still exist when considering the life of a baby. Please continue to pray with us that our country will repent of this heinous sin and respect life from conception to natural death.

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