The universal language of music was the sound that emanated from Martin’s East on Thursday October 6th. Without MSB Logo photoexception, everyone I spoke with wished their extended family and friends had been in attendance. MD State Boychoir

The Maryland State Boychoir’s reputation for excellence is understated and their performance provided just the right environment to make our annual fall fund raiser a grand success. With the funds raised, many more moms and their unborn babies will encounter the love of Jesus Christ at the four centers around the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Thank you Maryland State Boychoir . . .

Thank you sponsors . . .

Thank you attendees . . .

And Thank the Lord, our Savior and Friend for the privilege to serve His purposes in the lives of the unborn.

Hearing from those we serve: 

Our clients express thoughts regarding their experience at the four centers :

Everyone was very nice and helpful, also very accepting
Very nice and respectful
The case worker was a very nice person
It was good to have someone to talk to


REJOICE with us! Your partnership in the Gospel, sees fruit . . .   Recently a client who visited the Dundalk center trusted Christ as her Savior and was referred to a local church partner to be embraced and discipled.

 “Babies Saved:” What does that really mean?

Excerpted:From an article written by Jor-El Godsey – President, Heartbeat International

Some suggest that reporting “babies saved” somehow means a pregnancy resource center is not woman-focused and only interested in saving babies. Apart from being an affront to the core nature of life-affirming, pregnancy help, this thought discards the technical truth that no pregnancy center anywhere has actually saved a baby. What has happened in every instance is the woman was loved, resourced, informed, cared for, and/or, thus empowered, to save her own baby.

“Babies saved,” then, is pro-life shorthand. The two words are not so much about a powerful result achieved – though they are that – but a quick way to communicate the result of a team effort of pregnancy helpers – receptionist, counselor, cpc Brochure covernurse, etc. – directing energy, effort, and empathy, to that woman so that she could envision the path where her baby gets the chance to experience the joy of life. That is what we mean when we celebrate, “babies saved.”

Sometimes those decisions are made well before she narrows abortion to the only choice. Sometimes those decisions are made when she just can’t seem to make the scheduled abortion appointment. Sometimes those decisions are made in the waiting room, or even on the abortion table. And sometimes those decisions are made early enough that the potential of termination quickly gets pushed aside. Sometimes, those decisions even happen well after a visit to a pregnancy help center. Whenever they happen, and however she comes to that place, we celebrate her courage and her willingness to say yes to the Gift of Life. Certainly we are motivated to save lives from the pain that arises from the permanence of abortion. It’s important to present ourselves as the safe place we are. That is why we are willing to greet her (and him) warmly, provide critical information necessary to make a healthy decision, and recognize that the choice is truly theirs. But we are very interested in the best choice – one that everyone can live with!

CPC is an affiliate of Heartbeat International.

The Domino Effect . . .

The domino effect of a nation’s disregard for the Sovereign Design harms our entire culture in ways we haven’t fathomed; the sinister tentacles continue to reach far beyond the harm of abortion to the unborn, and the harm of the negative emotional impact upon the mother.

One such dangerous effect is seen in our Government. Once our government abdicated its first responsibility to protect its citizens (all of her citizens) by allowing abortion, it became a government without restraints. This following article gives us pause, because our government is taking steps that will likely increase the speed of our culture’s moral decay. Once life is no longer regarded as sacred, there is no limit to the depth of our plunge.

Next Steps on Research Using Animal Embryos Containing Human Cells


HELPLINE Volunteers . . .

Helpline volunteers are available to answer calls from clients with questions regarding pregnancy, abortion, and other related topics. They provide loving Biblical counsel and set appointments at the center nearest to the caller.

If this kind of ministry fits your skill set and you have a couple of hours in your day or week, please call or email:

Alex Steck 410-288-4468 –

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