Pro-life movement does not care about women, just babies, forcing them to have costly pregnancies and then ignoring them when they struggle to provide for their babies.

Sofia (not her real name), pregnant with two small children, began receiving material assistance services from our Arbutus Center, in 2014. The relationship between the center staff and volunteers with Sofia blossomed and she began attending the Earn While You Learn (EWYL) parenting classes. Her involvement with the EWYL classes and accompanying Bible study, helped her get over the aversion of going to church. Sophia grew in her appreciation for spiritual things and became a regular at Spanish-speaking worship services at St. Clements Church – Lansdowne.

A parallel service being offered by the Arbutus Center is a “baby care” class at Landsdowne High School. One of the attendees in this class spoke very little English and needed the assistance of a translator to get any benefit from the class content. Allison, the Arbutus Center Coordinator, asked Sophia if she would be willing to translate for this young lady. Sophia was honored to be asked to be involved in such a meaningful way and said yes. 

Life on life – caring for mom & baby and other moms and babies . . . because when you care about people, you care about life inside and outside the womb.

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