Spring is a miraculous experience. The world that seemed so grey, dull and cold has come alive once again. The world comes filled with color and the scent of delicious greenery. Spring, a beautiful reminder that beneath the cold hard ground the plants and trees have been preparing for rebirth. Spring gives us hope for rejuvenation in our own lives as well. Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life, even the precious little ones now being formed in the womb.

Miraculous Life
Emerged in water dark and warm,
Developing into human form.
What’s that sound? It’s mommy’s heart,
I’ve heard it from the very start.
I have fingers and I have toes,
A big bright smile, a tiny little nose.

I get the hiccups, I even cry.
my heart is beating, my organs work,
I hear your voices, what a perk. 
A gift from God, a miraculous life.
Amanda Hale

“Home At Last . . .” 

On February 9, 2017, Alice Ann Houck went home to be with our Lord. She was a volunteer with CPC for seven (7) years. Alice Ann counseled the clients, worked in Hannah’s cupboard, arranged events; she was particularly good at surprises and practical jokes. Possed with a passion for her Lord, she was unabashed about her commitment to Him which motivated her commitment to CPC. Alice Ann laughed easily and had a twinkle in her eye that couldn’t be missed. God’s creative work in Alice was obvious to all she encountered; she will be sorely missed – but she now enjoys her great reward; seeing her Savior face to face.

We are eternally grateful for each volunteer God sends our way – their heart for God, their heart for people, the way our lives are enriched by their presence among us. Praise God for the Body of Christ, as it serves internally and externally to His glory.

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