4 Centers serving Baltimore Metro Area

1,098 women served

100 ultrasounds

129 pregnancy tests

6,416 HELPLINE calls

61 confirmed babies carried to term

A ministry of life and hope!

The High School Initiative – Back to School a Bold Adventure! , The initiative is designed to introduce “truth” into the narrative for young men and women of high school age, regarding pregnancy and abortion; with a view towards encouraging them to consider pursuing healthy relationships, the way God intended. The CPC Sonographer performs a “live” ultrasound, accompanied with age appropriate discussion of inception, gestation and the birth process.

The presentation augments the school health curriculum and leads to a lively discussion session; students feel valued as they are engaged in an open and honest discussion about pregnancy and babies.  We can confirm that young people today have few inhibitions and readily engage the content. Not so surprising, they really appreciate directness, even when it may be uncomfortable and doesn’t align with their values.


Serves hundreds of moms and their new born babies with clothing & formula.


Moms continue to fall in love at the beauty of life in the womb and the sound of a heartbeat..


Welcome and love pregnant moms for the cause of Christ.


serves 6,000+ women annually. Lots of ministry happens on the phone.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore is one of our “key” partners in ministry to moms and their unborn babies. The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal Grant generously awarded CPC a $7,680 grant for additional sonographer time. The ultrasound is offered free and provides pregnant moms their first look at their baby. 

Join us in 2017 . . .

 . . . as we continue to provide women facing an unplanned pregnancy a non-threatening comfortable place to explore their options and as we  champion the cause of the unborn . . .
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