. . . a story of transformation.

We could quote statistics and provide raw data, which we’re inclined to do when writing grants, submitting reports and talking with the media. But over the years, we have learned that stories have been the real agent of personal transformation – in part because they strike such a deep chord in us. What follows is a story from one of our Board members, it has had a profound impact on him for more than twenty years.

“A close friend, Andrea (not her real name) told my wife and me that she was pregnant, but was experiencing some complications. Concerned for her health and the baby, Andrea made an unscheduled visit with her obstetrician. The appointment wasn’t very far in the future, but not knowing what the problem was Andreas’ anxiety level went through the roof. On the afternoon of the appointment, Andreas’ visit with her doctor didn’t go well – the news was not good. In fact the obstetrician recommended she terminate her pregnancy.

Stunned, overwhelmed – putting it mildly. The troubling news and recommendation of abortion took her breath away. But in her heart, Andrea knew terminating the pregnancy was out of the question – no way would she entertain the thought of abortion. Weighted down with physical and emotional stress, the heart of a mother, gave her strength to press, to seek out the help of another physician who would – uncompromisingly – care for her and the baby she carried. It’s hard to describe what happened in the ensuing months. But, after finding the right physician and what seemed like an eternity, Andrea delivered a healthy baby girl.

Tenderly loving and caring for her baby has been a blessing beyond compare!


About four years later, on a beautiful sunny day, the doctor, his wife and 3 year old daughter were at the Jewish Community Center in Park Heights watching their daughter playing with a lovely little girl about their daughter’s age in the kiddie pool.

When the doctor realized that the beautiful little girl playing with his daughter was the unborn baby that he had recommended his former patient to abort, he never again gave another recommendation to abort or performed another abortion, for the remainder of his practice.”

Deacon Monti Montalto

Who knew two little girls playing together could strike a chord so deep, that a life would be transformed?

In just a few days, we will celebrate the birth of another little One; His story is eternally transforming . . .


From everyone at the Center For Pregnancy Concerns

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